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On March 11, 2015, AWE China Home Appliances Expo was solemnly launched in Shanghai, with famous enterprises and famous brands gathered. The three brands of Rishun, Fangtai and Boss jointly occupy the top three gold booths of W3 Future Home Pavilion. This year's AWE new products, Fang Tai's I Rubik's Cube, the boss's ROKi, Day Shun's intelligent net smoke machine and so on have become the focus of the industry. The combination of traditional home appliances and Internet technology has exploded creativity beyond our imagination, and intelligence and networking have shown a trend of development.


For consumers, the satisfaction of personalized needs and convenient use experience brought by the Internet are no longer limited to pure Internet terminal products (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.), but penetrate into every corner of personal diet and daily life. As for the technical field of the industry, who can take the lead in embracing the Internet means who can stand at the forefront of the new round of competition. This time, as a rising star of the brand, Rishun stood on the same starting line as the leading brand Fangtai and the boss. The three major brands led the trend of technological innovation in AWE kitchen and bathroom exhibition.


At the exhibition site, the successful development of Rishun's intelligent environmental protection smoke machine has attracted much attention and won many media and audience praise. It is reported that this is a truly revolutionary new product. The range hood was born out of the exhaust fan, and has experienced several generations of improvements in the appearance of Chinese, European, and near-suction. The performance has been enhanced, but the internal function has not changed.


Daily Shun's intelligent environment-friendly smoke cleaner not only comprehensively surpasses the performance indexes of smoke cleaner products in the same industry in terms of original strength (20m ³/min large air volume), cleanliness (easy to clean, free of disassembly and washing) and stillness (51dB low noise), but also has self-purification capability. Vividly speaking, it sucks in oil smoke and discharges clean air. The air purification rate reaches 99%, which is timely rain in today when the whole people resist haze. In addition, the intelligent environmental protection net smoke machine also has many special functions such as intelligent terminal, network media, leisure and entertainment.


"It stands to reason that the greater the air volume, the greater the noise. Traditional cigarette machines have been unable to solve this problem. How did Ri Shun do it?" Mr. Cheng, who has been selling kitchen appliances for many years, asked a question that everyone wanted to know. When a brand-new all-plastic "space capsule" super-silent motor was put on the booth, the problem suddenly became clear. Made in China is often "heart disease" torture, Rishun R & D team to obtain breakthrough progress. The energy efficiency ratio, noise reduction and operating life of the ultra-quiet motor of the "space capsule" have reached unprecedented heights, while achieving double excellence of ultra-large air volume and ultra-low noise.


Under the dome, there are you and me, let's pay attention to environmental protection and enjoy intelligent life together.



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