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On October 16, 2014, the promotion meeting of Rishun brand (Chaozhou) was held ceremoniously and achieved great success. Rishun's local old users, affiliate partners, celebrities and elites in the home appliance industry gathered together to remove Rishun's kitchen appliances from the export market. 1 to develop into the domestic market NO. 1 Add bricks and make persistent efforts.


Mr. Tang, Marketing Director of Rishun Kitchen Electric, delivered a speech for the event.


In his speech, Mr. Tang Kaiqing, marketing director of Rishun Kitchen and Electric Co., Ltd., vividly displayed a real and powerful Rishun enterprise, a Rishun brand with high quality, high output and excellent service, and a Rishun business with high profit, strong promotion and low investment. The audience was full of friends, listening carefully and seriously, for fear of missing any details.


Mr. Tang's confident speech infected everyone. The content of his speech was tangible and very convincing. In the home improvement, home appliance industry groping for many years on-site guests responded with warm and lasting applause.


President Li Yongshen of Chaozhou Household Appliance Industry Association


Mr. Li Yongshen, President of Chaozhou household appliance industry association, delivered a speech as a special guest. He recalled the scene when he came into contact with Rishun more than ten years ago.


In the final summary, he said: "Rishun has always been an enterprise that pays attention to quality and reputation. It has maintained a good reputation for a long time, and the maintenance rate has been very, very low in the industry. Like Rishun, it has strong R & D and manufacturing strength, good products with good reputation, reasonable pricing system and strict market order control policy. Rishun's entry into Chaozhou is a great joy for Chaozhou and a blessing for the people of Chaozhou. I hope that the Rishun brand will go further and provide more and better products and services for the people of Chaozhou."


The highly respected President Li Yongshen is a pioneer and old expert in the home appliance industry in Chaozhou. The ten years of serving as the president of the Chaozhou Home Appliance Industry Association are the ten years of rapid development in Chaozhou. His speech was sonorous and resounding, representing the high evaluation of Rishun by a generation of home appliance people, and won the applause of the audience.


General Agent Lu of Rishun Kitchen Electric Chaozhou Says


Mr. Lu Zehai, general manager of Honghai Electric, general agent of Rishun Kitchen Electric Chaozhou, was full of spring breeze. He repeatedly thanked the company's leaders for their support and the guests for their support. Finally, I would like to discuss with you how to do "the last piece of cake in the home appliance industry.


As a sales agent and after-sales service agent for many major brands of home power and solar energy, he is well aware of the significance of service to the market. "No channel, no sales, no quality, no brand, no service, no profit, all three are indispensable. Today we combine our channels, daily quality and Honghai's service into an organic whole, and we will share wealth and prosperity with you!"


Lu Zong's speech was funny and sincere. A Chaozhou dialect made the locals feel more friendly. Brothers got together to discuss development plans.


The guests listened well.


The event was well prepared, the scene was arranged in a strong atmosphere, the guests were hardly absent, the programs such as singing and dancing, answering, guessing and other programs were rich and colorful, the banquet was full of delicacies, the roaring was intertwined, the laughter was very lively and happy.


In the guessing show, the wind devil smoke machine sucks wood board demonstration


Interactive programs such as lively and interesting answers and guessing competitions attracted everyone to participate. Everyone's understanding of Japanese shun kitchen electricity is gratifying, and all the questions answered correctly. The strong men easily picked up a range hood of other brands, but it was a bit difficult to hold a Rishunfeng Demon Smoke Machine with both hands. Everyone can't believe their eyes when they operate with their own hands and tightly attach a piece of wood weighing 12 jin to the air inlet of the wind devil's cigarette machine. Through personal experience, the quality of the sun downwind devil smoke machine makes people have to be convinced.


Mr. Peng, who has been selling household appliances for more than ten years, gave a thumbs up again and again: "I have only seen other people who can smoke newspapers and magazines, but I have never seen such a powerful and heavy wooden board! The effect of sucking oil smoke must be good!"


Tang Total Rate Team Shows Rishun Elite Style


In the sweet and cheerful singing, Mr. Tang Kaiqing, marketing director of Rishun Kitchen and Electricity, led the Chaozhou team to make an appearance on the stage to respect all the guests and wish the cause prosperous and everything goes well with the work! Everyone got up and drank their glasses. The scene thunderous applause, for the party issued the strongest voice of the Ri Shun brand.


Mr. Lu and the award-winning guests had a toast.


After several rounds of singing and dancing programs, everyone was already full of wine and food. At about 8 pm, the grand finale of the evening-the lucky draw will be held. Every time the winning list is announced, everyone will get warm applause. The winners collectively took the stage to receive the award and toast with everyone to share their joy. The value of happiness is not enough to describe the value of tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. Mr. Liu, who won the first-class award, is a loyal old user and long-term close partner of Rishun. Lu always has a cup of friendly wine with him, which shows that Rishun brand has been deeply rooted in the local market. This situation touched everyone, and the warm applause could not stop for a long time.


Lucky stars pose with several leaders


At the end of the event, the winners took photos with several leaders to mark this unforgettable moment. Everyone sang the familiar and classic "Unforgettable Tonight" together, drawing a successful end to the event. "Rishun already has a good market foundation in Chaozhou. I believe that after this event, it will play a good role in promoting the further expansion of Chaozhou market sales outlets, the further improvement of Rishun brand market share and brand reputation." The successful holding of this event has laid a solid foundation for the sales performance of Chaozhou area to a new level.




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