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On September 21, 2014, the promotion meeting of Rishun brand (Zhanjiang) was held in the largest Songyuan Hotel in Suixi, Zhanjiang. In the afternoon, the activity had not yet started, and the streets had already been flapped with colorful flags, brimming with joy and peace.

In the evening, guests came one after another, and the staff carried out the welcome reception work in a tense and orderly manner, and everyone was happy.

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon, the guests gathered together, tasted snacks, talked about business, and laughed everywhere. Among the guests, there are many local celebrities, such as Chairman Pan of Vientiane Home City and leaders of the County Entrepreneurs Association. There are also professionals in the household appliances and home improvement industries, loyal users of Rishun products, and dealer partners in Zhanjiang and western Guangdong.

Miss Yuan, the famous host of the local TV station, appeared in friendship and presided over the event, making the atmosphere of the event more obvious.

Mr. Wu Defu, the general agent of Rishun Kitchen Electric in Zhanjiang, told us about his mental process of running Rishun brand, expressed his full confidence and trust in Rishun enterprises, Rishun products and Rishun market, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the company's leaders, new and old customers and friends from all walks of life for their support.

In his speech at the conference, Mr. Tang Kaiqing, director of marketing of Rishun Kitchen and Electric, showed everyone a powerful Rishun enterprise, a Rishun brand that is thousands of miles a day, a vigorous Rishun team, and a blueprint for cooperation within reach, which won warm applause from the audience.

The local famous point-view song and dance troupe presented a well-arranged dance for the event, which was hot and dazzling and brilliant, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a small climax.

At about 7 p.m., the party officially began. Mr. Tang and Mr. Wu propose a toast to all the guests, wishing them good health, prosperous career and sweet life. Tang is always from Hunan, generous, easy-going and approachable. He speaks standard Cantonese, which makes the Guangdong locals here feel extremely cordial.

The stage continues to be exciting. Everyone put down their chopsticks and scrambled to participate in interactive programs such as answering the question of kitchen electricity knowledge and guessing the weight of range hood. The stage was lined with prizes and the huge hotel lobby was filled with laughter.

The tall Hercules can easily pick up an ordinary range hood, but it is difficult to hold the Rishunfeng Demon Smoke Machine with both hands. When the wind devil smoke machine tightly sucked a large board weighing more than 10kg, everyone looked straight and praised it.

Yang Zhenmin, the manager of Rishun Kitchen Electric Planning Department, answered one by one. Why is the Rishun Demon Smoke Machine so heavy? Why is the Rishun Demon Smoke Machine so strong?

"The wind devil is almost twice as heavy as an ordinary cigarette machine because it uses solid and reliable materials. Every component is the best in the same industry. Just like a person with strong bones, developed muscles and strong organs, he must be healthy and long-lived. The wind demon king's suction is great, because Rishun's design and manufacturing technology is good, so that the performance of each component can be brought into full play. Just like a person with rich experience and skilled skills, his work must be excellent and efficient." His easy-to-understand, humorous explanation drew applause and laughter.

During the dinner, while everyone enjoyed the feast, the beauties of the song and dance troupe brought an audio-visual feast to cheer everyone up. The audience continued to applaud and applaud.

At around eight o'clock in the evening, the long-awaited lottery officially began. Everyone was full of wine and food, and everyone waited and watched. As a special guest, Mr. Tang won the lottery for everyone, pushing the atmosphere of the event to the climax.

General Agent Wu of Zhanjiang area distributed bonuses and prizes to the winners.

The event came to a successful conclusion in the soothing and rhythmic music of the Rishun corporate song.

In the days after the event, sales in Suixi area of Zhanjiang doubled, which gave the Zhanjiang marketing team great confidence and won NO for Rishun brand in Zhanjiang kitchen and electricity market. The red flag of 1 city again. As Wu Defu, the general agent of Zhanjiang region, said: This event has formed a good influence in the local market. Through continuous follow-up activities, local elites have spread word-of-mouth, and Rishun's high-quality products and Rishun's good brand image will gradually Take root in the hearts of the people, and will be invincible in the local market.



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